LSV Glass Duff Jar
LSV Glass Duff Jar
LSV Glass Duff Jar
LSV Glass Duff Jar

LSV Glass Duff Jar

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From the people that brought you the Da Buddha and the Silver Surfer comes a new accessory to make vaporizing even more fun, convenient and hassle free. Introducing, the duff jar. The Duff jar makes it even easier and more simple to empty your wand without making a mess. This duff jar made exclusively for use with your Life Saber (LSV) vaporizer will ensure a perfect fit so absolutely no duff goes astray when you blow it out.

The jar's lid is fitted with a small opening on the top to let air flow freely when you blow into it, as well as a screen to stop any duff from escaping out the top. Use your duff jar during a session to effortlessly empty your wand between bowls. With a duff jar, you'll never have to worry about leaving traces of herb on your table or floor, making your vaporizing experience even more discreet.

Those who like to save their vaped herbs for later use (yes, you can re use it!) will appreciate how mess-free and easy a duff jar makes emptying your AVB (already been vaped) herbs and transferring them to a storage container. At the end of your session, just pour your spent herbs into an alternative storage container or re-use them instantly. You can even keep them in the duff jar itself.

We're fans of anything that conserves our herbs. With a duff jar, you won't waste a single leaf.

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