DISCONTINUED NoGoo Concentrate Containers
DISCONTINUED NoGoo Concentrate Containers
DISCONTINUED NoGoo Concentrate Containers
DISCONTINUED NoGoo Concentrate Containers
DISCONTINUED NoGoo Concentrate Containers

NoGoo Concentrate Containers

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Concentrate connoisseurs rejoice, NoGoo has taken the icky out of sticky!

These 100% food grade silicone concentrate containers will hold no speck of butter or wax hostage. They're completely non-stick, meaning you get to keep every drop all to yourself. No more tirelessly scraping wax from the sides of glass and plastic containers. Imagine how much extra concentrate that adds up to over time!

If you don't yet know what all the hype over silicone is about, we'll forgive you just this once. Pure, flexible and able to withstand temperature extremes, silicone is the safest and hardiest material for any of your vaporizing needs. Silicone is non reactive and taste/smell neutral, leaving your concentrates stored safe and completely unaffected.

These non-stick concentrate containers from NoGoo are super heat resistant, meaning dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Put them in the freezer when your concentrate is too runny, microwave them when your concentrate is too stable, and throw them in the dishwasher for a quick clean when it's all used up. Easy peasy and so convenient, the only time you'll have to remove your waxes and butters is when you use them!

These containers have a threaded lid so you can put them in your pocket with confidence that nothing will be spilling out. They're flexible and completely shatter proof - you can even bounce them! 

Your ultimate concentrate storage solution in a pack of five. An absolute bargain for keeping your icky sticky safe

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