DISCONTINUED PenSimple Herb Grinder
DISCONTINUED PenSimple Herb Grinder
DISCONTINUED PenSimple Herb Grinder
DISCONTINUED PenSimple Herb Grinder
DISCONTINUED PenSimple Herb Grinder

PenSimple Herb Grinder

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PenSimple Herb Grinder

Have you ever gotten your fingers sticky with herbs? Have you ever spilled a grinder? Are you thinking of the person this would be the perfect gift for? 

The PenSimple Herb Grinder is an innovative pocket grinder that looks like a pen and will grind, store and dispense your herbs. At the touch of a button, the PenSimple's rotary motor will dispense your ground herbal product directly into your vaporizer heating chamber or device of choice. Designed with the stickiest of aromatherapy herbs in mind, the PenSimple eliminates mess and is completely modular for easy cleaning.

The PenSimple is machined from anodized aircraft grade aluminium, making it lightweight and durable. Each full charge should last between 50-100 dispenses and the PenSimple can be recharged with any micro-USB cable.

PenSimple is an herb grinder breed all its own. Blending easily on desks and in bags, it rarely looks out of place. The built in storage compartment has a capacity of just over 1g, though removing the grinding teeth will increase storage capacity to just over 3g.