Pinnacle Vaporizer
Pinnacle Vaporizer
Pinnacle Vaporizer mouthpiece view
pinnacle vaporizer side view
pinnacle vaporizer herb chamber
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pinnacle vaporizer complete kit
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Pinnacle Vaporizer

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  • 2 replacement 9mm Bullets for the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro Vaporizers Used for Dry Herbs
    Pinnacle 9mm Bullet - 2 Pack
    Pinnacle 9mm Bullet...



Introducing The Pinnacle Vaporizer by VaporBlunt!


The Pinnacle vaporizer is the newest vaporizer addition to the VB family. Measuring in at under 14cm in length, the Pinnacle is sleek and pocket friendly. Following in the footsteps of the VB 2.0, the Pinnacle offers a simple one button operation which makes choosing between the two (188° and 198°) pre-set temperature settings a breeze.

The Pinnacle’s Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery powers the ceramic heating element and lasts for onehour of continuous use. It takes three hours to fully charge the Pinnacle. Included with your Pinnacle is a power adapter and charging stand. One of the coolest features of the Pinnacle is that it features a ten minute automatic shut-off. After ten minutes of continuous heat, your Pinnacle will shut down to help preserve its battery.

Constructed of durable plastic, this stealthy vaporizer reaches its first heat setting in under 70 seconds, and its second heat setting in under 90 seconds. The Pinnacle is perfect for all of your herbal blends.

Cleaning the Pinnacle is as easy as cleaning the filling canisters and mouthpiece. Over time you may also need to clean the area under where the canisters lay. Inevitably small plant matter may fall through the screen on the bottom of the canister while inside the unit. This whole process should only take a couple minutes making the Pinnacle one of the easiest portable vaporizers to clean.

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