Plenty Filling Chamber Housing
Plenty Filling Chamber Housing

Plenty Filling Chamber Housing

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When the plastic parts of a Plenty Vaporizer begin to wear out or break, it is important to replace the parts to get the most effective and efficient use of the machine. The chamber housing for the Plenty Vaporizer includes two parts:

  • The Filling Chamber Housing
  • The Filling Cap

Both parts are made of plastic materials and are used together on the machine.

How It Works:

The replacement pieces are simple to use and put onto the machine. The bayonet lock design makes it easy to place the cap on the housing and snap the pieces into place. Place the cap on the housing and then twist to the right until it snaps into place. It will make a click sound when it is properly placed and will lock into place so that it does not fall off when placed upside down.

After removing the original parts from the machine, put the housing with the cap attached on and tighten it until it stays in place. The machine will work more effectively when old parts are replaced with new pieces if the parts previously wore out, became misshaped or were otherwise damaged from the use of the vaporizer.

Benefits of Replacing the Chamber Housing:

When the Plenty is working ineffectively, it may be directly related to parts that are damaged. Replacing the parts is a simple step to maintain the vaporizer and keep it working at the optimal level. The benefits of replacing worn out parts include:

  • Improved vapor
  • Long-lasting machine efficiency
  • Reduced risk of breaks
  • Lower rates of wear and tear

The Plenty Filling Chamber Housing does not include any of the internal metal components. If the metal pieces are rusted, damaged or otherwise in need of replacement, it will be necessary to purchase the parts separately. Only the plastic housing and cap are included with the Plenty Filling Chamber Housing.

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