Plenty Fine Screen Set
Plenty Fine Screen Set

Plenty Fine Screen Set

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This listing has moved. Please see new listing here.

This listing has moved. Please see new listing here.

It is important to change the mesh screens in a Plenty Vaporizer on a regular basis. As a general rule, change the screen once every two to three months as a clogged screen will prevent air flow and even vaporisation of your herbs. It may be appropriate to change the screen more often if the vaporizer is used daily or on a regular basis.

Selecting Fine Screens:

The fine screens may or may not be the best choice for the Plenty, depending on the particular substance that is used in the machine. The benefits of using a fine screen include:

  • Reduced rate of particles getting into the vapor
  • Improved ability to catch the substance
  • Better use with very fine materials

The Fine Screen Set contains six replacement screens. If the normal screens are not providing a positive experience or do not seem to catch enough of the fine particles, then a fine screen might be a better choice for the particular substance or for improving a personal experience.

Replacing the Screens:

The fine screens have the same diameter and width as the normal screens. They are designed to fit the Plenty Vaporizer comfortably and without difficulty. The screens have a width of 30 millimeters and are flexible for easy replacement in the machine.

Pull or push out the original screen and then line the fine screen into the appropriate place. Adjust it until it is flat and push until it snap or clicks. When it snaps into place, the screen will not move and will catch the fine particles when the vaporizer is in use.

Replacing the normal screen for a fine screen is useful with certain herbs that are vaporized. The fine screens may provide a better experience when fine particles escape the normal screen.

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