Plenty Liquid Pad Set
Plenty Liquid Pad Set

Plenty Liquid Pad Set

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This listing has moved. Please see new listing here.

This listing has moved. Please see new listing here.

Do you want to enhance your vaporizing experience by enjoying liquids or oils? The Plenty Liquid Pad Set provides the opportunity to use herbal oils or similar liquid materials in the vaporizer without ruining the machine.

How It Works:

The liquid pads are designed to allow the Plenty vaporizer to vape liquids and oils. The pad is made with stainless steel and is thicker than the normal screens that are used with normal non-liquid materials.

Drop the oil or liquid onto the pad. The pad can hold up to ten drops of liquid material, but it is recommended to only use as much liquid as needed to get the best flavor. In some cases, that may mean only two to three drops are necessary for the optimal aroma while other items will need as many as ten drops.

Use the vaporizer like normal. The liquid that is added to the pad will be vaporised to provide the effect and flavour.

When to Change the Pad:

A liquid pad is made of stainless steel, so it is important to change the pad if it is showing signs of wear and tear or when the pad is damaged in any way.

Benefits of the Pad:

A liquid pad provides a few benefits that a normal or fine screen cannot offer. The benefits include:

  • Using oils or liquids
  • Enjoying small amounts of the vaporized herbs at a time
  • Improved flavour by using oils

A liquid pad set is useful when the vaporizer is used to enjoy herbal oils or a similar substance. It helps prevent liquids from ruining the unit while still providing the opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of the different liquid options.

The Plenty Vaporizer Liquid Pad Set provides pads that have a width of 30 millimeters that fits perfectly in the Plenty Vaporizers. The material is flexible for a user-friendly installation experience.

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