Plenty Silicone Tubing Section Set
Plenty Silicone Tubing Section Set

Plenty Silicone Tubing Section Set

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The Plenty Silicone Tubing Section Set provides all of the silicone tubes that are necessary to maintain the integrity and purity of the vapor. When a vaporizer has damaged silicone tubes, it is possible that contaminants can get into the vapour.

Replacing the silicone tubing when it is damaged, or dirty will improve the experience when using the vaporizer. Fewer vapors will escape the machine and the aroma will improve. Even if the silicone tubing is showing stains, it may be an appropriate time to replace the tubing for fresh replacements. Small cracks and stains can mean that the vapors are being contaminated.

Features of the Set:

The Silicone Tubing Section Set comes with three short tubes and three long tubes. If only one tube is damaged, then it is possible to use the rest at a later date as they are needed.

Benefits of the Tubing:

The silicone tubing is designed specifically for Plenty Vaporizers. The benefits of replacing the tubing whenever it is damaged or stained include:

  • Improved vapor quality
  • Greater efficiency within the system
  • Better overall experience
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Improved flexibility within the machine
  • Greater temperature resistance

Replacing the parts that are more susceptible to damage is part of regular maintenance. In the case of a Plenty Vaporizer, it may be necessary to replace the silicone tubing whenever it is damaged, bent or showing signs of wear and tear. Although silicone is a temperature resistant material, it can become damaged over time when the vaporizer temperatures are set high or the substance that is vaporized requires a higher temperature setting.

Replacing the silicone parts will help maintain the durability and efficiency of the vaporizer and allow the machine to work effectively for an extended period of time.

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