Pocket Hemp Wick Roll - 20ft
Pocket Hemp Wick Roll - 20ft

Pocket Hemp Wick Roll - 20ft

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Pocket Hemp Wick Roll - 20ft

Dimensions: 20ft (6m)

Pocket Wick is the sustainable alternative to gas lighters that also helps protect honeybees! When you buy a Pocket Wick hemp wick, a portion of profit is donated to honeybee research to save bee populations in Europe and the rest of the world.

Pocket Wick is manufactured in Europe from industrial grade hemp and natural beeswax, both grown and sourced from European farms. Beeswax is a wonderful material as it does not ever degrade, provides natural waterproofing, and produces the long-lasting, slow, even burn that makes Pocket Wick the perfect choice for wherever you need a flame.

The benefits of using hemp wick:

  • Made from sustainable, all natural materials
  • Hemp wick produces a clean flame without harmful gasses or butane fumes
  • Hemp wick made from beeswax is waterproof and slow-burning
  • Hemp wick is not just for lighting stuff. It can also be used in candlemaking or as book twine, gift wrapping and a wide range of other crafts
  • Pocket Wick donates a portion of profits to saving honeybee populations in EU and the rest of the world

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