DISCONTINUED Silicone Tubing 1/8 ID x 5/16 OD - 1m
DISCONTINUED Silicone Tubing 1/8 ID x 5/16 OD - 1m
DISCONTINUED Silicone Tubing 1/8 ID x 5/16 OD - 1m

Silicone Tubing 1/8 ID x 5/16 OD - 1m

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Silicone Tubing 1/8 ID x 5/16 OD. Sold by the metre.

Tubing Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3mm inner diameter x 7.9mm outer diameter
  • High quality, food safe silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C
  • Natural, peroxide-cured silicon
  • Resilient, stretchable & Resistant to compression set
  • UV, ozone, gas & moisture resistant
  • Odorless, tasteless & inert
  • FDA approved

Benefits of Silicone Tubing

High quality silicone tubing is a must for any vaper looking for the cleanest, most inert materials possible. Its high heat resistance makes silicone a perfect material for whip tubing, as it won't off-gas harmful impurities into your vapour. Its smooth inner bore means silicone tubing will stay cleaner on the inside, while its opaque colour hides stains and built-up residue. This means you won't have to replace silicone tubing as often as regular PVC. Silicone is also very flexible, so your tubing will remain kink-free.

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