Slick Sheet 1.2m PTFE Roll by Oil Slick
Slick Sheet 1.2m PTFE Roll by Oil Slick

Slick Sheet 1.2m PTFE Roll by Oil Slick

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A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the Slick™ Sheet is a laboratory grade PTFE film.
Slick™ Sheet is 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents and rated for direct, long term, solvent exposure. 
Slick™ Sheet is an ideal liner for collection vessels and evaporation dishes and has excellent heat transfer up to 260°C.

Other uses for Slick™ Sheet are:

  • Packaging for sticky extracts
  • Liner for various extraction apparatus
  • Vacuum chamber inserts
  • Non-Stick sleeves for glass on glass joints
  • Use whenever an ultra glossy appearance is desired

Helpful Hints:

  • Feel free to cut, fold, score and re-use the Slick™ Sheet. However, repeated folding and creasing can wrinkle the surface and impact non-stick performance over time.

  • Sharp tools are not recommended for use with the Slick™ Sheet.

  • For a pristine result, inspect your Slick™ Sheet for airborne debris before each use.

  • DO NOT OVERHEAT. Slick™ Sheet in excess of 260°C may damage the Slick™ Sheet.

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