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  • Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer side view
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer side view
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer parts
    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer full kit

    Sticky Brick Jr Vaporizer
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    About the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

    Much like its big brother the Original Sticky Brick Vaporizer, Sticky Brick Labs created the Junior as a more compact version for on the go use. Fueled by a flame from a jet lighter, Sticky Bricks’ compact Junior Vaporizer offers pure flavour and instant vapour.

    Each Brick is handmade in North Carolina out of beautiful natural hardwood and is backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The Junior Brick is a beautiful vape that fits right into your pocket and that can be used anywhere.

    The various components of the Junior Brick are securely held together by a magnetic connector, making for convenient filling of the chamber and easy cleaning.

    The high quality Simax brand borosilicate glass mouthpiece offers pure flavour and increased durability over standard glass.

     Key features:

     Convention heating
    On demand vapor
    Hardwood body
    Glass mouthpieces for pure flavour
    Small size


    Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer Specifications

     Manufacturer: Sticky Brick Labs LDC
    Device Dimensions: 00 x 00 x 00 mm
    Materials: Hardwood, glass, magnets
    Heating Element: None (External torch/flame)
    Heating Time: On demand
    Temperature Control: Analog
    Material Compatibility: Dry herb only
    Warranty: Lifetime on wood body (15 days on glass parts)

    Sticky Brick Junior - What's in the Box:

    • Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
    • 5 x Replacement Screens
    • Glass Heat Intake
    • Glass Mouthpiece
    • Honest Torch Lighter (butane not included)
    • Metal Stir Tool


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