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ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Moisture Conditioner
ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Moisture Conditioner
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ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Moisture Conditioner

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ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Moisture Conditioner (Black): The Smooth-Flow Inline Moisture Conditioner is similar to that of the Pure-Flow Filter, but it does not have a filtering effect. A large ceramic reservoir benefits you, because you need not obtain refills very frequently. This works especially well on the ThermoVape T1 since your intake is not slowed in any way.

Included in the purchase price for this product are:

  • 1 ThermoVape Inline Moisture Conditioner (Black)
  • 1 Tru-Flow Drip Tip (mouthpiece)
  • 1 airtight, waterproof storage container

The ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Inline Moisture Conditioner is designed for everyone from a novice to an expert vaper. The moisture conditioning cools the vapour and also adds water vapour .It also helps humidify the botanical vapour. When you wet the porous ceramic which is securely contained in precision machined housing, make sure to shake out, or blow out any excess water, and install the moistened conditioner on your ThermoVape. You will enjoy cooler, smoother vapour.
The ThermoVape Smooth-Flow works extremely well on the ThermoVape T1 (sold separately). With usage of the ThermoVape Smooth-Flow Inline Moisture conditioner, the vapour is much cooler and smoother.

The included mouthpiece has a wide bore and gives you the opportunity to use a dropper bottle of water to directly drip water droplets onto the ceramic when it becomes dry. At this time you can refresh the moisture conditioning of the Inline Moisture Conditioner without disassembling anything. Just squeeze a drop or two of water, and you are back to the smooth and cool enjoyment of herbal vapour.

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