VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18mm + 14mm)
VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18mm + 14mm)

VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18mm + 14mm)

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VapeXhale EVO Adapter Kit (18mm + 14mm)

Want to experiment with the limits of your Cloud EVO? The EVO Adapter Kit by VapeXhale allows you to use your Cloud with any 14mm attachment you like!


  • 1 x 18mm glass elbow (attaches to Cloud)
  • 1 x 30cm Silicone tubing length
  • 1 x 14mm glass elbow (attaches tube to chosen accessory)

How to use the EVO Adapter Kit:

  1. Turn on your Cloud Evo and preheat to the desired temperature
  2. Load up your EZ-Bowl with whatever material you like, and place inside the heat chamber
  3. Attach glass connections to both ends of the provided silicone tubing
  4. Fit the 18mm end on top of the Cloud Evo heat chamber, and attach the 14mm (female) end to  your 14mm (male) accessory
  5. Vape! You should now be able to use your Cloud Evo with your chosen attachments

PLEASE NOTE: This is a female connection, designed to fit glass attachments with a 14mm male connection.

You can clean the EVO Adapter Kit by soaking the glass parts in Isopropyl alcohol or other cleaning solution. DO NOT use solvents on the silicone tubing.

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