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VapeXNail Essential Oils Attachment
VapeXNail Essential Oils Attachment

VapeXNail Essential Oils Attachment

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Regular Price: $89.95

  • Product Description

    VapeXNail Essential Oils Attachment for the Cloud Evo

    Introducing the VapeXNail, an attachment for your Cloud Evo vaporizer that lets you vaporize concentrates. Suited for thicker, waxy oils, the VapeXNail is a must-buy for any oils enthusiast using the Cloud Evo. The VapeXNail provides oil users with a butane-free, torch-free, all around safer experience. Made of borosilicate glass, the VapeXNail utilises the Cloud Evo's powerful technology to efficiently extract concentrates using up to 50% less material.

    How to Use the VapeXNail:

    1. Turn your Cloud Evo on and let it pre-heat. It's recommended to start in the "noon" position and then adjust up or down according to your preferences.
    2. Grab one of your VapeXNail attachments and use a tool to insert a small amount of your material into the bottom lip.
    3. Insert the nail into the heat chamber and let it pre-heat until visible vapour starts to rise
    4. When you see vapour, attach your mouthpiece and draw. It is best to take long, slow draws to prevent oil from moving up the sides of the VapeXNail.
    5. When you're finished, simply remove your glass and set it down carefully.
    6. Burn off any remaining oil inside the VapeXNail by turning the temperature knob on your Cloud clockwise to the maximum setting. 
    7. After a minute or two, the nail should come out clean. It is important to let your Cloud cool until it is safe to touch the glass, or use something to protect your fingers from burns

    To clean the VapeXNail, simply soak in a cleaning solution such as Isopropyl alcohol. Regular cleaning of all your glass components will keep your Cloud Evo functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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