VapirRise Multi-User Adapter
VapirRise Multi-User Adapter
VapirRise Multi-User Adapter

VapirRise Multi-User Adapter

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The VapirRise provides users with the ultimate control over their vaporizing experience with a range of inhalation options. Not only can the VapirRise accommodate whip inhalation and balloon inflation, but it can also be used with multiple whips at once!

The VapirRise Multi-User Adapter allows you to accommodate up to four whips on your VapirRise, each with their own seperate valves that can be opened or closed independently. Perfect for group sessions, the Multi-User adapter allows each individual to vape at their own pace, choosing to open their valve when they want a draw, or close it while they take a break so no precious vapour can escape. Vaping at parties just got a whole lot easier; you will never have to crowd around a single whip again!

The Multi-User Adapter connects straight on top of your VapirRise heating chamber and connects directly to multiple whip tubes.


1 x VapirRise Multi-User Adapter (extra whip tubing NOT included)

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