VapirRise Oil Chamber
VapirRise Oil Chamber
VapirRise Oil Chamber

VapirRise Oil Chamber

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The VapirRise Oil Chamber allows you to use your VapirRise vaporizer as an essential oil diffuser to scent any room with the fragrant aromas of your favourite scented oils. The Oil Chamber fits inside the VapirRise heating chamber and can effectively house essential oils of thin viscosity.

Please note that this oil chamber may not effectively vaporize herbal concentrates or waxes and may yield poor vapour results when using for inhalation purposes. It is designed for the aromatherapy enthusiasts and allows your vaporizer to double as an effective oil diffuser for gently scenting a room with calming aromas or getting rid of any "funk" after a vaporizing session.

How to use the VapirRise Oil Chamber:

  • - While the unit is heating up, place a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the Oil Chamber. The more essential oil used, the more intense and long-lasting the session.
  • - Gently push together the Oil Chamber and the Chamber Adapter by securely snapping into place.
  • - Once your VapirRise has reached the desired temperatire, insert the fully assembled Chamber Adapter into the pre-heated Heat chamber by twisting clock-wise until secure.
  • - Set your preferred fan speed for a more or less intense aromatherapy session

TIP: Never touch exposed metal parts during or after vaporizing as they will be extremely hot.Always utilize the Hot Chamber Grabber when moving the herb chamber (or oil chamber).


1 x VapirRise Oil Chamber

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