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    Vapolution 3 desktop vaporizer
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    Vapolution 3 Vaporizer - Purity Package

    Vapour Quality: 92 %

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    About the Vapolution 3 Vaporizer - Purity Package

    For the true glass enthusiast, the Vapolution 3 Vaporizer with Purity Package is the only true all-glass vaporizer. The Purity Package includes an All-In-Wonder Bowl for all-glass direct draw inhalation.

    The All-In-Wonder Bowl paired with the Vapolution makes the entire vapour path glass on glass. There are no metal screens included in the design, and with the All-In-Wonder-Bowl you will be inhaling nothing but the pure, unadulterated aromas of your favourite herbal blends. The VAP3 Purity Package now also includes a medical grade silicone whip, for optional use as a whip vaporizer.

    The Vapolution 3 works with no grinding necessary. Simply put whole flowers into the Wonder Bowl and vape away.


    Vapolution 3 Vaporizer Specifications:

    • Manufacturer: Vapolution (USA)
    • Device Dimensions: 130mm Base Diameter x 140mm Height (without glass) 
    • Materials: All glass vapour path, plastic outer housing
    • Heating Element: Glass
    • Heating Time: < 2 minutes
    • Temperature Range: 100°C - 230°C
    • Temperature Control: Digital
    • Automatic Shut Off: 20 minutes
    • Warranty:  6 months 

    Vapolution 3 Vaporizer Features (Purity Package)

    • The only true 100% glass-on-glass vaporizer
    • No grinding necessary
    • Digital temperature control
    • Direct draw - no whips or balloons
    • Sleep timer and temperature monitor for your safety
    • Stealth mode
    • Illuminated heating chamber
    • Removable glass heater sleeve


    Vapolution 3 Vaporizer (Purity Package) - What's in the Box: 

    • 1 x Vapolution 3 Vaporizer
    • 1 x Power Supply - AU cord supplied
    • 1 x Spare Heater Sleeve and o-ring
    • 1 x Car Adapter 
    • 1 x All-In-Wonder Bowl
    • 1 x Medical grade silicone whip
    • 1 x Bent glass bowl

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