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Vaporite Mini Vaporizer
Vaporite Mini Vaporizer

Vaporite Mini Vaporizer

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Regular Price: $99.95

  • Product Description

    About the Vaporite Mini Vaporizer

    The Vaporite Mini is an affordable home vaporizer made of heavy duty, high-gloss stainless steel. With an easy-to-use digital display, ceramic heating element and glass wand, the Vaporite provides flexibility and quality vapour at an affordable price.

    The Vaporite Mini utilises digital temperature control with a clear LED display and a temperature knob that allows you to adjust your temperature to the degree. The odour-free silicone whip tube is made in the USA and is an inert, heat safe vapour delivery hose that preserves the quality and flavour of your vapour.

    ***For longer life of the unit, the manufacturer recommends turning the Vaporite off for about 5 minutes every 20 minutes of usage to prevent the heating rod inside the unit from overheating.


    Vaporite Mini Specifications

    • Manufacturer: Vaporite
    • Made in: USA
    • Device Dimensions:  142mm x 140mm x 62mm
    • Materials: High gloss black steel, glass, ceramic, silicone whip tubing
    • Heating Element: Ceramic
    • Heating Time: 1-2 minutes
    • Temperature Range: 100 - 250°C
    • Temperature Control: Digital
    • Automatic Shut off: 15-20 minutes
    • Warranty:  30 days


    Vaporite Mini Features:

    • Digital Temperature control
    • Ceramic element
    • Made of durable, high-gloss stainless steel
    • Clear and easy to read LED display
    • Affordable price

    Vaporite Mini Full Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Vaporite Mini Vaporizer
    • 1 x Vapor whip
    • 2 x Cleaning sticks
    • 1 x Power cord - AU Plug
    • 1 x Aroma bulb
    • 1 x Replacement screen pack
    • 1 x Protective pouch
  • Technical Specifications
    compatibility Herbs
    inhalation method Whip
    power Electric
    temperature control Digital
    vaporizer heat source Glass
    vapor quality 86
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