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Walnut Hand Carved VaporGenie
Walnut Hand Carved VaporGenie
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Walnut Hand Carved VaporGenie

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  • Product Description

    Introducing the Hand Carved VaporGenie!

    These handcarved pipes are made by hand in upstate New York.

    • The bowl, screen and filter top threads are all made of stainless steel.
    • Measures 5.4 inches from mouthpiece tip to the center of the bowl. Total length (with mouthpiece) is about 6 inches, about 1 inch longer than classic models.
    • The black mouthpiece is optional and can easily be removed by simply pulling it out.
    • Ceramic filter is removable/replaceable. Removal is only necessary if soot needs to be cleaned (which should never be necessary).
    • Mouthpiece borehole is 1/4" diameter. We recommend cleaning with 1/4" stainless steel brush.
    • Do NOT clean with solvents or soapy water. Solvents will damage the wood.
    • The top and bottom are made of matching wood, though a perfect match is not possible because of natural color variations.
    • The natural and durable finish is a mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax.This finish can be re-appllied and refreshed.
    • The bowl of the Handcarved VaporGenie is held in place with a small amount of high-performance, high temperature epoxy. This adhesive is guaranteed to not outgas or produce vapors. There is no adhesive in the vapor flow path.


    User Guide

    Using the VaporGenie is easy!

    Follow these 3 easy steps:

    1. Load the bowl with loose ground herbs.

    2. DO NOT PACK! Ground herbs have a high surface area that aids the vaporization process.

    3. Inhale constantly while supplying flame to the flame filter. Your toke should be about 6-8 seconds long. Use a lighter flame about 1 inch tall. It is helpful to move the flame around to get the most uniform heating. We recommend using an electronic ignition lighter. Do not touch the flame to the ceramic filter. This is important because touching the flame to the ceramic filter will create soot that can eventually clog the filter. Soot will also create a bad taste.

  • Technical Specifications
    compatibility Herbs
    dimensions Length: 12.7cm | Diameter: 2.5cm | Height: 5.1cm
    power Flame
    temperature control User Skill
    temperature range 20 - 200+
    vaporizer faq Vaporgenie Vaporizer FAQ
    vaporizer heat source Flame
    vaporizer manual Vaporizer Instrucion Manual.pdf| Vaporizer Quick Start Guide.pdf
    vaporizer warranty Lifetime
    vapor quality 42
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