White Sage Leaf

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White Sage Leaf - 5 grams

Botanical Name: Salvia apiana

Plant Parts: Leaves


American Indian cleansing smudge leaf. These leaves are burned individually for their rich fragrance. When ignited, white sage will emit a cloud of white purifying smoke, the smell of which is believed to invoke peace and higher thoughts. A single leaf can also be dropped into a water bottle to infuse water with a pleasant herbal essence that is said to promote calm and well-being, or brewed as a warm tea before bed time to aid sleep.

To prepare white sage leaves as a tea, place one leaf into a cup of cold water and heat to a gentle simmer.



Use herbs with knowledge and caution. Before using herbs learn about contraindications and warnings for usage either through the many available resources or consult with a qualified aromatherapist.

All information presented is provided as a guideline and we do not warrant its accuracy. Information provided is based on research and data that we believe to be reliable at this time. Statements regarding health conditions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with a trusted healthcare professional before taking or using any herbs. Each person is different, and the way you react to a particular product may be significantly different from other people.


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