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XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3

A premium vape with a budget price tag.

The new XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 raises the bar with a zirconia ceramic mouthpiece to preserve taste and potency. The use of high quality hardware is a major selling point, with dry herb touching nothing but the ceramic heating chamber and the stainless steel vapour path. The V3 is a comprehensive upgrade to the original Starry, without an elevated price tag. In terms of value for money, it's difficult to go wrong. If you're looking for a high quality, ultra-portable dry herb vaporizer, that's easy to use and promises excellent cloud quality, the XMAX Starry ticks all the boxes. The budget-friendly vaporizer delivers on all fronts and there is certainly no competitor in its league. Ultra-portable design

  • Powerful ceramic conduction heating chamber
  • Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece
  • Discreet, pocket-friendly design
  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • Haptic feedback
  • Full digital temperature control
  • Compatible with botanicals and concentrate

Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece

The XMAX Starry V3 challenges the status quo with a Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece, a feature that's usually reserved exclusively for top shelf vaporizers. Not only is the material incredibly strong, but it feels silky smooth on the mouth and helps to preserve the flavour and potency of your dry herb. This makes the XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 a discerning choice for connoisseurs looking to enhance taste and touch. 

Ceramic conduction heating chamber

At the crux of the XMAX Starry V3 is an oval-shaped ceramic conduction oven that gently and evenly heats botanicals while preserving flavour and potency. XMAX have also added extra insulation to the chamber, which helps to retain heat and improve cloud consistency. 

Fast heat up time

It takes just 25 seconds for the XMAX Starry V3 to get up to 199°C and an additional 10 seconds to reach its maximum temperature of 240°C. The impressive heat up time makes it ideal for quick, on-the-go sessions. Even at its highest temperature the XMAX Starry V3 doesn't combust, a feature that will appeal to vapers who like to push their herbs to the limit and extract every ounce of goodness. 

Sleek design

The sleek design of the XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 features curved lines and contours that fit snug in the palm of the hand. Internal mechanisms are housed in a black anodised aluminium shell that wins the XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 serious points for style and discretion. Leave it in the glove box or on the coffee table and it could easily be mistaken for a Zippo. 

Full digital temperature control

The Starry V3 empowers users with full digital temperature control. Use the two smaller buttons to set the temperature, with session information displayed on a bright OLED screen. Dial in a stealthy yet satisfying session at a cool 100°C or turn up the heat for thick, tasty clouds at a higher setting. The ability to customise temperature with a few clicks makes the Starry V3 ideal for vaping dry herb with complex flavour profiles.

Easy load design

Loading is a cinch with the XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 thanks to a bevelled oven ring that directs dry herb into the chamber to minimise mess and reduce waste. The mouthpiece is attached to the device with a magnetic hinge, making it virtually impossible to lose. 

Haptic feedback

The XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 features haptic feedback that gently vibrates when the device reaches desired temperature. 

Replaceable battery

The ceramic heating chamber of the XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 is powered by a single 18650 battery that offers up to 80 minutes of vaping on a single charge. When your device runs out of juice simple click open the battery chamber and replace as needed. There's also the option of investing in rechargeable 18650 batteries. 

XMAX Starry Vaporizer V3 Specs

  • Manufacturer: XMAX
  • Device Dimensions: 100 x 35 x 24 mm
  • Materials: Zirconia ceramic, ceramic, anodized aluminium
  • Heating Element: Ceramic
  • Heating Type: Conduction
  • Heating Time: ~ 30 seconds
  • Temperature Range: 100°C - 240°C
  • Temperature Control: Digital
  • Material Compatibility: Dry herb, concentrates
  • Battery:  2900 mah Battery (18650 replacable)
  • Charger: Micro USB
  • Haptic Feedback: Yes
  • App Connectivity: No
  • Passthrough Charging: No
  • Automatic Shut Off: 5 or 10 minutes (programmable)
  • Warranty: 6 Months

About XMAX

XMAX is the brainchild of TopGreen Technologies, an innovation-driven company committed to unlocking the potentially therapeutic properties of botanicals. Experience, expertise and advanced inhouse technology are front of mind, with XMAX continually setting new benchmarks for portable vaporizers. There's a heightened focus on premium-quality hardware, with materials such as zirconia ceramic and medical grade stainless steel often making an appearance. The XMAX range is used by herb connoisseurs around the world, with many of the models boasting patented technology. 

XMAX Starry - What's in the Box: 

  • XMAX Starry Vaporizer
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Concentrate Pod
  • 1 x USB Charge Cable

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