Lighter Leash
Lighter Leash
Lighter Leash
Lighter Leash

Lighter Leash

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"Where the hell did I put my lighter?" is a sentence you'll never have to say again with the Lighter Leash.

What rarer sight is there than a lighter that's stuck around long enough to run out of fluid? If you're a notorious lighter loser, then get your hands on the nifty little Lighter Leash and never have to search for it again! It uses a simple clip to attach to the loop of your belt, purse or bag while the other end attaches securely to the bottom of your lighter where it can stay forever. Just pull the lighter to activate the draw string, so you can use it without even having to detach it (and keep it out of grubby lighter-stealing hands.)

As long as you can keep track of your Lighter Leash, you'll never lose or have your lighter stolen again.

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