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Digital Scales


Here at Australian Vaporizes, we offer a wide range of pocket scales from many of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, including Myco, My Weigh, On Balance and Tanita.

These pocket scales come in a huge range of specifications and styles. They are just what you need to weigh out your herbs, ensuring that you get the most beneficial and enjoyable aromatherapy blend.

If you’ve ever created a mixture of different herbs by simply eyeballing them and weren’t completely satisfied with the results, do yourself a favor and try weighing them out precisely with one of our digital scales for your next vaping experience. We promise that you’ll notice the difference. You will view vaporizing herbs from a whole new perspective thanks to these precision instruments!

Rest assured that every scale we offer is 100 percent genuine. We only source scales from authorized, trusted dealers.

We offer digital weighing scales with a variety of capacities. Depending on how sensitive your weighing needs are, you can purchase a digital scale with a weighing increment of 0.01g, 0.1g or 0.5g.