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The VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer was built for ultra clean and pure vaporization. VaporBrother’s exclusive Natural Mineral Heater is the only 100% ceramic element custom designed for safe inhalation. The optional glass or ceramic whip attachments and ultra clean Class IV medicale grade tubing (BPA & DEHP free) ensures that vapour stays pure and unadulterated every step of the way.

Developed in early ’99 in California by two friends, and artist, and an engineer, the VaporBrothers vaporizer was a revolutionary invention that became a cornerstone in direct inhalation vaporizing. Since then, VaporBrothers have stayed committed to using the highest quality materials in their products for a clean and smooth vaporizing experience.

At Australian Vaporizers, we sell the 220V VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer , along with a range of high quality VaporBrothers parts and accessories.

The VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer is a premium unit with a reputation for using high quality, clean materials for an ultra pure and smooth vaporizing experience. That’s why we at Australian Vaporizers stock genuine VaporBrothers replacement parts and accessories, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the same high quality, clean materials that your VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer came with.

We stock all the essentials, including Vaporbrothers regular, large, and ceramic screens, and VaporBrothers EZ Change Whip Kits and whip wands. We also stock premium silicone tubing to fit your VaporBrothers vaporizer.