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The Boundless Cf and CFX vaporizers take inspiration from some of the industry's most prestigious manufacturers, bringing you high end features at an affordable price point. Two of the most powerful portable vaporizers on the market, both the Boundless CF and Boundless CFX vaporizers have a powerful 80w heating element that reaches full temperature in under 30 seconds. Bringing the features and form factor of a premium portable vaporizer to the mid range market, Boundless have used cutting edge technology in their design. The Boundless CF vaporizer features five pre-set temperature settings, powerful heating and convenience micro-USB charging in a very pocket friendly package. If you're after stealth, portability and a good range of pre-set temps to choose from, the Boundless CF is a great option for novice and experienced vapers alike. The Boundless CFX features full digital temperature control, dual Lithium-Ion batteries and the ability to charge via USB or fast charge with a DC wall adapter. The perfect combination of flexibility, portability, simple design and high quality features, the Boundless CFX packs all the features of a top-of-the-line portable vaporizer into an affordable package. At Australian Vaporisers, we stock the genuine Boundless CF and CFX vaporizers with fast express shipping and a locally serviced warranty for your peace of mind.