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Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizing is the best way to enjoy your herbs. The only drawback has been that most good vaporizers have been home-based units, which require mains power to heat your herbs. However, with the major technical advances in portable vaporizers over recent years, having a good vaporizing experience on the go can now be a reality.

Which Portable Should You Choose?

If you are new to the portable vaporizer world, it would be a good idea to take a look at the video we made below, where Max takes you through the best vapes of last year.

Why would someone want or need a portable vaporizer? There are a number of reasons. Some users want a portable device when they’re on the go, in order to supplement the larger machine they use at home. Others have a need for secrecy in their use of a vaporizer – they just don’t want anyone to know.

What Are the Typical Characteristics of a Portable Vape?

Portable vaporizers are compact and lightweight and are easy to carry. If you have room in your pocket or purse for a cell phone, you can carry a portable vaporizer. People have been known to take these units with them to sporting events, movies and house parties. They can be used almost anywhere and are very simple to operate. Most of the units feature very quick heat-up times and produce very little smell. Many units, like the Iolite WISPR, also come in a large variety of colors.

These units typically use lithium ion batteries, alkaline batteries, flame or butane as power sources. Many include car chargers/adapters, and most units require no cords or wires. So if you're looking to vape on the go, and do so discreetly, a portable vaporizer is your best option.

Check out our portable vaporizers – they are tailor-made for vapor enthusiasts who live portable lifestyles.