What to do when your vape is having problems

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There’s nothing worse than getting yourself ready for a vaping session only to be thwarted by some unforeseen problem.

It’s an unfortunate fact that all the best vaporizers can eventually have some problems. Each device has its own issues depending on whether it's portable or desktop.

This blog addresses the most common reasons your vaporiser might not be working, and answers the following questions:

Why won’t my vape turn on?

This could be the simplest to solve but there are a couple reasons why your vaporiser might not be turning on. Most new portable vapes have a five-click feature to turn them on. If you have a unit that switches on in this manner, make sure you press the button five times quickly. But don’t hit it again if it doesn’t turn on right away; just wait a couple of seconds and try again.

Another solution is to ensure that your charger (or power adapter for desktop vapes) is working properly. If your unit is plugged in but not receiving any power, then there’s a good chance your charger could be faulty.  Make sure you double-check your vape’s manual to be sure that the unit is behaving normally when plugged in. If your vape won’t charge with any charger then there could be a problem with the input jack on the unit itself. For USB powered units, bear in mind that USB to Mains (meaning wall) adaptors can also be prone to faults.

Why am I getting thin vapour or none at all?

Vapour production issues can occur for a number of reasons, most of which are very easy to remedy. Here are a few of the more common ones:

Inadequate temperature – Firstly, as a general rule, higher temperatures tend to provide thicker vapour. If you’ve got some wiggle room to increase the temperature, this is usually the best option to provide a little boost in vapour production. Be careful though as some vapes are capable of burning your material on higher settings. Try a small temperature boost and work your way up slowly.

Draw speed – Similarly to increasing the vape’s temperature, draw speed can also impact vapour production. Always try to take long, slow draws for best results. This is especially important for vaporizers which don’t have electronic temperature control.

Grind consistency – If your herb is ground too coarsely, this can also hinder vapour production. It’s important not to overgrind as this can cause some vapes to get blocked more quickly.

Herb quality / moisture content – This is a big one. Herbs which are too moist or even too dry can produce less vapour. It’s also important to note that some herbs just do not produce much in the way of visible vapor. Just because you’re not seeing big “clouds” like you see in videos doesn’t necessarily mean your vape isn’t working. Generally speaking, if you can taste your herb and feel the heat of the element as you draw, the unit is most likely working just fine. 

Why is it difficult to draw through the mouthpiece?

If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to draw from your vaporizer it may be because the screen is clogged with resin. If that’s the case, replace the screen or clean it using isopropyl alcohol to rub away the resin. Then rinse it off with warm water. Make sure the screen is dry once you put it back onto the vape.

Some smaller portable vaporizers with internal vapour paths (for example, the PAX3), can also become blocked anywhere between the mouthpiece and the filling chamber. Be sure to follow the instructions for cleaning your unit and do so as frequently as possible. A clean vape will be easier to use and be less likely to become faulty.

Over-packing can also be a reason it’s difficult to get a hit off your vaporizer since there’s too much material in your chamber. When your screen is clean and it’s still difficult to get a smooth draw, the chamber may be overpacked.

Why is my portable vape holding less charge?

Unfortunately, it’s normal for most batteries to degrade over time. Although inescapable, there are a few things you can do to keep your vape’s battery as healthy as possible.

Keep your vape topped up – Many lithium batteries benefit from being stored with full charge. Try not to let your vape’s charge completely drain before you plug it in.

Store your vape in a cool area away from sunlight – Excess heat is bad for most batteries. Don’t expose your vape to any unnecessary heat. Leaving your vape in your car on a sunny day is a bad idea!

Try to avoid using your vape while charging – Just like any other portable electronic device, using a vape while charging will cause the battery to heat up more than usual. Even if your vaporizer manual states that it can be used while charging, try to avoid doing so where possible.


Tried all of the above and something’s still bothering you? Even if your unit isn’t faulty, there are heaps of tips and tricks you can try to get the very best from your vape. Check out our tips and tricks video for more info.