Valentine’s Day 2021 Guide

Posted by Joseph Hoang on

This year, we could all use a little extra love. Whether you’re treating yourself, or want to share the love this Valentine’s Day, we’re rounding up some of our top bundles which combine multiple products for a great price, as well as some special gifts we think you’ll love. Keep reading to find out which vaporizers and accessories we recommend!
SLX Grinder Double Bundle
One for you, and one for a friend!
Maybe you just value high quality craftsmanship and choices when it comes to your favorite herbs. Our SLX Grinder Double Bundle includes both a 50 and 62mm grinder, made from the highest quality aluminum, and coated with a non stick layer, these SLX grinders will provide a smooth grind every time.<br>

DynaVap M 2020 Vaporizer Colored Edition
This expertly crafted vaporizer is a great way to treat yourself, or show someone you care.
The DynaVap’s colorful, pearlescent coating is scratch, heat and oxidation resistant so you know this is a piece that will stand the test of time. It’s geometric design will catch that special someone’s eye in no time!<br>

Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Double Bundle
Our Dynavap 2020 M Vaporizer Double Bundle is a great choice if you want a little something for yourself too.
The Dynavap is a popular vaporizer, mostly because it doesn’t skimp on style OR performance. It’s high-quality craftsmanship is apparent in its beautiful geometric design and multiple capabilities. Also included in this bundle is an original Ausvapes Acrylic Grinder.

Boundless CF / CFX Vaporizer Double Bundle
The Boundless Double Bundle is perfect for you, a friend or both!<br>
Featuring two different sized Boundless Vaporizers plus our original Acrylic
Grinder. This is a great time to get these vaporizers at a lower price. The CFX elevates aromatherapy to the next level with a lighting fast heat-up time of 20 seconds or less, while the classic CF still doesn’t skimp on performance, but delivers a great value for the price.

Black Aluminum Grinder - 4 piece
A tried and true grinder is an essential piece, no matter what your current collection or experience level looks like.
This sleek black 55mm grinder is affordable, but doesn’t skimp on quality. Its four piece design allows for the catching of smaller herb particles as well as plenty of space for grinding your favorite herbs.

RYOT Smell Safe Krypto Kit
This hard shell case is as innovative as it is aesthetic.
Keep everything discreet and safe in this RYOT kit, that uses SmellSafe Carbon Series technology to trap odors. Features multiple pockets for cards, cash, and papers, and can fit a wide variety of vaporizers and tools like the DaVinci IQ, Starry V3, Fury 2 and more.