A new classic: The Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel

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The true test of any product is how well it stands the test of time. For those seeking the very best in desktop vaporising, the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has long been the gold standard. With a design that has outlived and outperformed countless competitors for more than a decade, the Volcano has rightfully earned its legendary status as an icon in the industry.

Now, this much-loved classic has received an upgrade for the modern age, with the release of the new Volcano Hybrid. Featuring a new pump and filling chamber design, the Volcano Hybrid offers users lightning fast heat times, Bluetooth connectivity, sleek touch-sensitive controls and more versatility.

While previous models of the Volcano could only be used with balloons, the new Hybrid gives users the option to inhale directly from a rotating whip. The updated “Tube Set” system features a re-designed heat chamber that looks much like the Plenty’s wide and flat design. Existing Volcano users don’t need to fear though, the Hybrid will still be able to accommodate the Easy Valve Balloon Set.

In terms of appearance, not much has changed. The Hybrid looks like an updated version of the Volcano, with a sleek touchscreen interface that displays precise temperature readings throughout your entire session. The touch-enabled buttons are a nice addition to the Volcano’s design, preventing any issues with buttons wearing down over the many years of use it’s likely to receive. 

Don’t let appearances fool you, though; the most exciting changes are under the hood. Storz & Bickel have supercharged this unit, improving upon their patented double helix heating technology to cut the Volcano’s heating time in half. Where previous models took 3-5 minutes to reach full heat, the Hybrid takes a quick 1-2 minutes. That’s barely enough time to fill the chamber!

The Hybrid also has Bluetooth connectivity so users can control their Volcano from their smartphone using the Storz & Bickel app. From your smartphone, you can change the temperature, power the device on and off, and adjust the automatic shut off time, giving you full control of your Volcano with just a flick of the thumb.

All in all, the Volcano Hybrid is a solid upgrade on an iconic product that has stood the test of time. When a design is successful, it doesn’t need to be changed, just upgraded, and the new Volcano Hybrid is exactly that - an upgrade on an already spectacular device.