Cleaning Guide: The Arizer Solo

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Arizer Solo cleaning guide

Cleaning your Arizer Solo vaporizer by Arizer is about as easy as it gets; there are no complicated parts to disassemble, no fiddly glass elbows or wayward nuts and bolts. All you have to worry about is the heating chamber and draw stem. Simple!

What You’ll Need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Sea salt (optional)
  • A ziplock bag or glass jar with lid
  • Cotton buds or a small pipe cleaner
  • A soft damp cloth

Cleaning the heating chamber:

Like any other vaporizer, your Solo’s heating chamber should be brushed out after every use. You can do this using a small cleaning brush. To give your Solo’s heating chamber a more thorough clean, make sure it is completely cooled and simply wipe it with a cotton bud or micro-fibre cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning the draw stem:


Cleaning the glass draw stem for your Solo is as easy as putting it in a plastic bag filled with isopropyl alcohol and leaving it to soak. You can leave it for however long you like – a few minutes, a day, even overnight. Go to work, catch up on your favourite TV show, or wander in the desert for a week; your Solo stem will practically clean itself while you go about your life.

Once your stem is looking shiny again, you can take it out of the alcohol solution and rinse with hot water. If you do encounter stubborn residue that doesn’t seem to come off with soaking alone, using a pipe cleaner or cotton bud dipped in isopropyl should dislodge it with a bit of light scrubbing. Alternatively, you can add some sea salt to the bag and shake it up a bit to scrub the glass.

Cleaning the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

If you want to be economical, you can keep a glass jar filled with ISO specifically for cleaning your Solo stem and any other glass pieces. The alcohol in this jar can be saved and re-used for months, so you won’t have to purchase more isopropyl for a while. Just pop your stem in the jar when it needs a clean, put the lid on and wait for it to soak.


Wood stem arizer solo vape

If your draw stem smells of rich mahogany, it should never be submerged in alcohol!

To clean a wooden Solo stem, simply remove the screen and dampen a cotton bud or pipe cleaner with a small amount of ISO, shake off the excess and gently push it through the centre of the stem. Leave the stem to dry completely before you use it.

Screens and O-Rings:

If you have a wooden stem with a built-in screen, or you purchased additional screens or O-rings for your standard Solo stem, these will need to be cleaned as well. Metal screens can be submerged with your stem or scrubbed with a cleaning brush dipped in Isopropyl alcohol.

O-Rings generally don’t need much maintenance as they sit outside the draw stem and are unlikely to get too dirty. If you think your O-Ring needs a clean, simply wipe it gently with some ISO and rinse it in warm water. NEVER submerge rubber O-rings in alcohol for extended periods of time.

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