Cleaning Guide: The Magic Flight Launch Box

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Magic Flight Launch Box cleaning guide

Cleaning the Magic Flight Launch Box regularly will keep your vapour smooth and your unit running well. Nothing can ruin your vapour more than a dirty trench! Luckily, cleaning the Launch Box is incredibly easy. Designed to be as low maintenance as possible, the MFLB is simple to care for if you take the proper steps to keep it in good condition.

With proper care and technique, your Launch Box should only need cleaning every couple of weeks.

MFLB cleaning do’s and don’ts:

  • DO empty the trench and brush out remaining debris after every use.
  • DON’T put fine powders or liquids directly into the trench (there is an available concentrates tray if you want to vaporize waxes, oils, and powders that melt.) Placing liquids or fine powders directly on the standard trench will ruin the delicate screen, which can’t be easily replaced.
  • DON’T hold the battery in for more than 5-10 seconds before inhaling. You will combust your herbs this way and blacken the screen. Tip: You’ll know when to inhale when you see vapour start to form on the Plexiglas cover. Disengage the battery halfway through your draw to avoid burning and inhale all remaining vapour from the unit.
  • DON’T scrape the screen with a metal poker. The screen that sits over the trench is very fine and easy to damage.
  • DO use cotton buds or a blunt tool to gently remove resin from the trench.
  • DON’T use alcohol to clean the wooden exterior or the Plexiglas cover.
  • DO remove the battery whenever you’re not inhaling from your MFLB.

If you do all of the above things to take care of your Launch Box, you’ll have an awesome vaporizing companion with you for a good long while. Aside from taking regular precautions to protect your MFLB, some occasional cleaning will be required when things start to get sticky and discoloured.

Cleaning the Magic Flight Launch Box:

Cleaning the Trench:

What You’ll Need:

  • MFLB cleaning brush, or a soft brush of similar size
  • A cotton bud
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A working MFLB battery

How to:

  • Use the cleaning brush to rid the trench of any loose herb particles. To be extra thorough, you can blow into the trench to dislodge any herb from hard to reach places.
  • Hold a battery in for a few seconds to heat the trench. This step is optional, but works well to dislodge stubborn residue.
  • Dip a cotton bud in Isopropyl alcohol and very gently wipe over the entire trench. The combination of heat and alcohol should gently remove residue without the need for any scrubbing.
  • DO NOT use a metal pick or scraper to scrape residue from around or underneath the trench. The mesh screen is fragile, and any tears will render your trench damaged and in need of a trip to Magic-Flight for repair.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your Launch Box’s trench is clean.

Cleaning the Magic Flight Launch Box

Note: a certain amount of screen discolouring is normal with use so don’t panic if you can’t clean it completely. Your trench should never look black, this is a sign you have combusted your material.

Cleaning the Draw Stem:


What You’ll Need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • ziplock bag

If you have the standard acrylic draw stem or a glass stem for your Launch Box, cleaning it is as simple as soaking it in a zip lock bag with some Isopropyl alcohol. You can soak a glass stem for as long as you like, but NEVER leave an acrylic stem exposed to alcohol for lengthy periods of time. Prolonged exposure to alcohol will make an acrylic stem discoloured and brittle.

Alternatively, you can use a small pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol and push it through the stem to collect build up. If you’d rather not use alcohol, a gentle organic cleaner or some dishwashing detergent will work just as well.

Be sure to rinse your stem and let it dry completely before use.

Wooden Draw Stems:

What You’ll Need:

  • Pipe cleaner
  • Water
  • Gentle cleaning solution (optional)

If you have a wooden stem for your Launch Box, it’s safest not to use chemicals of any kind to clean it. A pipe cleaner dampened with water is recommended to avoid damaging the wood or allowing it to soak up chemicals that will be inhaled by you later. Simply push the pipe cleaner through the middle to scrub the inside of the stem where needed and let dry completely before use.

Cleaning the plexiglas cover:

What You’ll Need:

  • Toothpaste (yes, really!)
  • An old toothbrush

Believe it or not, toothpaste contains a mild abrasive that happens to work wonders on Plexiglas and will even remove fine scratches!

How to:

  • Open the cover and turn the box upside down, making sure that the cover is resting on a hard flat surface
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the dirty area and use an old toothbrush, cotton bud, or paper towel to gently scrub the area until it’s clean
  • When the cover looks clean, rinse with a little water and dry

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

If toothpaste doesn’t appeal to you, you can use the same method with a mild cleaner. Do NOT use alcohol on your plexiglass cover as it can discolour the plastic and make it brittle.

Cleaning the wooden box:

The wood exterior can get grimy with handling and it’s okay to wipe it down every now and again to remove smudges and keep it looking nice. A soft, dry cloth is often enough to polish the wood but if you need something more effective, you can dampen the cloth or use a small amount of mild cleaner. Be mindful that the box is not varnished and won’t tolerate harsh chemicals.

Be careful not to get your box too wet and make sure that it’s completely dry before use. It may seem obvious, but the Launch Box should NEVER be submerged. Submerging your box in water or any other kind of liquid will not only ruin the wood, but damage the battery connection as well.

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