Analogue vs Digital Vaporizers

Analogue vs. Digital Vaporizers

Analogue or Digital?

One of the biggest dilemmas facing new vapers is whether to invest in an analogue or a digital vaporizer.

The difference between temperature regulation and control can have a big impact on the quality and consistency of your vapour, as well as your overall enjoyment of the experience.

Both have their relative benefits, but to help you make up your mind, we’re here to outline the different qualities and advantages of each, with expert tips that will enable you decide which is best suited to your requirements.

What’s the Difference?

The terms analogue and digital refer to the method of temperature selection and control employed by different types of vaporizers.

Analogue vaporizers generally do not have an LCD display, instead allowing the user to choose from a few pre-selected temperature settings at the touch of a button. They often have very minimal and simple interfaces, indicating their settings with simple LED lights in different colours. They are also often much smaller than their digital counterparts, due to the need for fewer electronics.

Digital vaporizers, on the other hand, use LCD displays and allow the user to freely set their desired temperature down to the degree, providing it's within a specified range (e.g. 30°C - 230°C). They also often incorporate additional features, such as automatic shutoff, battery indicators or the ability to set customisable vaping programs.

Generally speaking, digital vaporizers offer the most control over your vaporizing experience and are heavily customisable, whereas analogue vaporizers are very simple machines that operate only within certain parameters.

Analogue Vaporizers

Analogue vaporizers usually feature a dial or a button to allow the user to adjust the temperature and power the device on and off. They usually do not have digital temperature displays, instead indicating the chosen setting via coloured LED lights or numbered temperature levels (e.g. Level 1, 2, 3, 4...)

Analogue vaporizers are incredibly simple and easy to use, and also tend to be more affordable than their digital counterparts. As such, they are actually quite a popular choice for people just starting out in vaping, or for those who just want a simple "no frills" device. 

Analogue operation is the most common type found in portable vaporizers, as their requirement for fewer electronics allows for increasingly smaller and stealthier designs. Their ability to come as pocket-sized devices makes them a very attractive option for users who prioritise discretion.

While the major advantage of analogue vaporizers is their ease of use and portability, they don't offer quite as much control over your experience and can also tend to be less accurate than digital units. This is not a huge concern for those who want a unit that can just get the job done, but users who vape for very specific effects or need to really pinpoint a specified temperature range find better results from a digital.

However, this doesn't mean that analogue vaporizers are restrictive by any means. There is still a wealth of choice across the range, from the super simple and electronic-free Magic-Flight Launch Box, to the prestigious Arizer Solo, which has a whopping seven temperature settings to choose from.

If you think an analogue vaporizer is for you, read on to see which ones we recommend.

Top 5 Analogue Vaporizers

Want to know more about the top Analogue Vaporizers available?

Digital Vaporizers

Advancements in technology have made digital vaporizers increasingly more intelligent and more intuitive than ever before. Their flexibility and accuracy makes for a vaporizing experience that is unrivaled, with the ultimate control over the potency, consistency and flavour of your aromatherapy blends.

Digital devices usually feature an LCD screen with electronic temperature control, which enables users to set the temperature to the precise level required to achieve an optimum vape. They are also able to use super-accurate CPUs to measure the temperature inside the chamber, so if the displayed temperature is 185°C, you can be sure that you are right on target.

Due to their sophisticated electronics, digital vaporisers tend to be more expensive than analogue versions. However, the improved accuracy that they provide also makes them more efficient, meaning they can deliver the optimum flavour, aroma and density using less material. A good quality digital device practically pays for itself with the herb you save!

Digital devices are especially beneficial for those who vaporize for very specific effects. If you use aromatherapy for medicinal purposes, or want extremely tailored results from your vaporizer, then a digital unit is for you.

Top 5 Digital Vaporizers

Read more about the best digital vaporizers.

Still Struggling to Choose?

Remember that you can always contact us for a friendly chat – we’d be more than happy to offer one-on-one guidance, and we love helping our clients to find the perfect vape. Just send a message via our contact form or, if you’d prefer to chat on the phone, call us on 1300 088 112.

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