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Volcano Vaporizer FAQ | Storz and Bickel


Q. What is the difference between the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic? 

The most important aspect is, whichever Volcano you decide on, there is no difference in the overall effect. The precision and quality featured in the Volcano Classic is just stepped up a notch in the Volcano Digit.

The main advantage of the Volcano Digit lies in its large LED displays, which immediately and precisely informs the user of the operating status. The Volcano Digit communicates better with the user and its electronic control system works more precisely than the bi-metal regulator on the Volcano Classic. The Volcano Digit also featues an automatic shut-off timer which is not present in the Volcano Classic.

Both Volcano types come with a shapely, brushed metal cone. Care was taken to use tasteless materials that are food safe. Both the high-performance heating cartridge and the strong diaphragm pump can withstand the toughest stresses and strains. An independent temperature fuse, air filter and silencer are naturally included, as is a specially designed aluminium heating block, which brings the air both cleanly and reliably to the desired temperature.


Volcano Digit

Volcano Classic

    • 3 years warranty
    • Precise electronic control
    • Automatic switch-off feature
    • Temperature accuracy 1.5°C
    • Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature
    • Display changeover between Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • Vaporization temperature can be set between 40°C and 230°C
      • Thousands sold
      • 3 years warranty
      • Temperature accuracy 5°C
      • Robust, completely electromechanical design
      • Vaporization temperature can be set between 130°C - 230°C



       Q. What is the difference between the Easy Valve Starter Set and the Solid Valve Starter Set? 

      The Easy Valve System is the dearer long term option, however it requires less maintenance, allows multiple bags/ balloons to be used simultaneously and also features a sleeker and easier to use valve and herb chamber system. This is the most popular choice for Volcano Vaporizer users and is the newest valve system introduced on the market.

      Easy Valve Starter Set

      The Easy Valve Starter Set comes complete with the following items;

      • 5 x Easy Valve balloons
      • 1 x Filling chamber with cap for herbs
      • 1 x Liquid pad
      • 1 x Normal screen set
      • 1 x Cleaning brush



      The Solid Valve System is characterised by more maintenance however its benefits are customisable bag sizes and reduced costs in purchasing replacement balloons. The Solid Valve kit does require more cleaning, and attaching the balloon to the valve can be tricky for beginners. The Solid Valve would suit someone who doesn't mind a little bit of additional maintenance.

      The Solid Valve Starter Set comes complete with the following items;

      Solid Valve Starter Set

      • 1 x Volcano Mouthpiece
      • 1 x Volcano Solid Valve
      • 1 x Volcano Solid Valve Filling Chamber
      • 1 x Volcano Filling Chamber Insert
      • 1 x Volcano Normal Screen Set
      • 1 x Volcano Balloon
      • 1 x Volcano Liquid Pad Set
      • 1 x Cleaning Brush



      Q. Which parts of the Volcano vaporizer are subject to wear and tear? 

      It may be necessary to replace the filling chamber screens, however they will last a long time. Each complete set is furnished with 3 upper and 3 lower screens.

      Once an Easy Valve can no longer be used, you simply replace the old with a new one. Each Easy Valve Starter Set comes complete with 5 easy valve balloons, with each balloon lasting around 3 months of everyday use. When your original 5 have run out, you can purchase a Easy Valve Replacement Set or XL Easy Valve Replacement Set, which should last you another 1-2 years depending on usage.

      Once a Solid Valve can no longer be used, you simply detach the old balloon from the Solid Valve and replace with new balloon material. Each Solid Valve Starter Set comes with 3 metres of balloon material, sufficient for 5-6 balloons depending on the size you make them. Once you have run out of your original balloon material, you can purchase another Balloon Tube Roll.

      You may also use other heat-proof oven hoses or oven bags. Do not use any other plastic bags or clingwraps.


      Q. Why is the Volcano vaporizer more expensive than other Vaporizers? 

      "In developing the Volcano it was our aim to offer a convincing vaporizer with - in all respects - outstanding features. We did not only focus on top-quality material and craftsmanship but we went beyond that to offer the user a safe device, easy to operate for a convenient application. In addition, it was our intention to create the prerequisites for efficient and controlled vaporization.

      The unique patented Volcano System Technology conveys air enriched with flavors and active ingredients into a balloon through a valve. Through the innovative valve technique the generated vapors will be completely collected in the balloon and the user can inhale the vapors separately from the device. The content may be inhaled at ease, independently from the vaporization process both comfortably and safely.

      In order to achieve the best results, a vaporizer requires an air pump to guarantee a constant air flow, a heat accumulator to grant a precise air temperature and finally the unique valve technology to ensure a simple, reliable and convenient application. These technical features are only offered by the Volcano. The accurate air temperature control of the volcano sets new standards for vaporizers in precision and reliability.

      It is our belief that with the Volcano we offer you the best product available, it equals the highest quality claims and is unique and reliable, due to its first-class processing." - Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co.KG

      Storz & Bickel


      Q. Which factors determine the vapor build-up in the balloon?

      The proportion of flavor and active ingredient vapor in the balloon primarily depends on the quality and quantity of herbs with which the vaporizer is filled. Other important factors are the surface area of the herbs and the vaporizing temperature.

      The amount of active ingredients released into the balloon can be influenced by the following factors:

      • Quality: The concentration of ingredients in your plant material.

      • Quantity: The amount of plant material in your filling chamber.

      • Temperature: The higher the temperature, the more active ingredients will be released at once.

      • Surface: The finer the plant is grinded, the greater the surface area and the more ingredients can be released during vaporization. (View our range of herbal grinders)

      The ingredients of a plant are released in a gentle way so that a repetition of vaporization with the same material in the filling chamber is possible. Depending on the 4 factors described above, the material in the filling chamber can be reused several times until all aromas and active ingredients are completely dissolved.

      It is advised to take out the content of the filling chamber and grind it once again to increase the surface area of the original material. If the material is ground well, it is not necessary to grind it again. An increased temperature would activate more ingredients as well, but has a negative effect on the flavor.

      It is important to watch the vapor density in the balloon. A fine, white vapor feels very comfortable when inhaled. As the vapor gets denser the taste looses flavor. In case of a very high vapor intensity (density) the concentration of aromas and active ingredients can cause an irritation of the respiratory tract. If this is the case reduce the temperature.

      Incidentally, the flavor has little to do with the effect. Flavor inducers (relatively volatile essential oils) vaporize much quicker than active ingredients. The initial flavor vanishes after the first few procedures, but the effect is still undiminished. Flavor in any case primarily depends on that which is deposited in the vaporizer. An effective vaporizer does not influence the flavor in any way.


      Q. How long can the vapors be stored in the balloon? 

      Easy Valve Balloon

      The vapors in the balloon condense in the course of time at the balloon shell. But that is a process which takes hours. If you inhale the balloon contents within 5-10 minutes you will have little or no loss at all.

      The valve balloon is not designed to "store" vapor, it allows moreover the user to conveniently inhale independently of the device in line with the user's individual requirements, making it comparable with a glass which is easier to drink out of than directly from the water tap.


      Volcano Liquid Pad

      Q. What is the purpose of the liquid pad? 

      The liquid pad is used to vaporize the essences (aroma oils) of plants. The special steel wire of the liquid pad serves as the carrier of the essence, comparable to the unvaporizable plant fibers in plant material used for vaporization. For further information how to use a liquid pad, please read the volcano manual carefully.


      Q. Which temperature should I select? 

      The temperature setting is perfect when a fine, white mist is seen to rise. Conducting your own observations is necessary to choose the right temperature.

      Vapor which is barely visible indicates that either the temperature is too low or the material vaporized is exploited. Thick, very dense vapor may be unpleasant to inhale.

      In that respect the Volcano offers you the additional unique advantage of the valve balloon. The vapor generated in the balloon is very easy to observe and the user learns within a very short space of time to reliably handle the device and the various herbs. The Volcano with its valve balloon is the only device to offer you this optical control feature!

      The temperature is only one of the four factors for vapor build-up. The temperatures recommended for the various herbs only serve as reference values. Generally the temperature which is selected should be as low as possible, so that vapors only just develop. As a guide however, the ideal temperature for most herbs is 180°C on the Digit which equates to setting 6 on the Classic.


      Q. What do the numbers on the temperature scale of the Volcano Classic stand for? 

      The scale ranges from 1-9, corresponding to temperatures of 130°C to 226°C.


      Q. Can the vaporization product burn in the Volcano? 

      No. A professional vaporizer should be constructed in a way that excludes the combustion of herbal material from the very beginning. The user's safety has always been a top priority. That is why the controller has been desgined so that critical air temperatures above 230°C in the filling chamber cannot be reached.


      Q. Why do no vapors initially develop in filling the balloon? 

      Not only the herbs to be vaporized, but also the filling chamber cylinder has to reach the vaporization temperature. Our recommendation: Set the filling chamber on the exhaust vent of the Volcano without the valve balloon attached yet and allow hot air to warm up your plant material for a few seconds before placing the valve balloon on the filling chamber. That ensures that the balloon is completely filled with aromatic compounds and active ingredients from the very beginning.


      Q. Does the balloon material emit any substances to the vapors which are subsequently inhaled by the user? 

      No, none at all - we have applied the maximum possible care and diligence in all materials which come into contact with the air inhaled.

      Volcano Classic with Solid ValveThe Volcano balloon material is a highly pure and robust polyester, which is perfectly suitable for this purpose. This or other oven hoses or -bags are normally used to cook food in the oven at temperatures up to 200°C. If it is used with the Volcano the hot air only has a temperature of max. 130°C when it enters the balloon. Due to the large surface of the balloon the air is cooling down while vaporizing organic material so that it can be inhaled immediately after filling the balloon.

      The Volcano balloon does not contain any softeners (therefore the crackling noise of the product); it is food-safe, tasteless and heat-proof. Of course, you can use similar oven hoses or oven bags from other manufacturers), but do not use normal plastic bags or plastic foil under any circumstances.


      Q. What about odour development? Do e.g. non-smokers feel bothered? 

      No. There is only a minimal development of odours compared to smoking. No bothersome smoke is created, and non-smokers are not subject to any adverse effects when sharing rooms with users.

      Only a few minutes after the application you will not notice any odour in the room.


      Q. How are any warranty issues dealt with? 

      The Volcano Vaporizers should last you many worry free years, however in the event there is an issue with your unit, simply contact us and we will gladly get you back up and running. Purchasing from Australian Vaporizers gives you local warranty for the entire three year warranty period.

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