DISCONTINUED Aerospaced Large T-Bar Pollen Press
DISCONTINUED Aerospaced Large T-Bar Pollen Press

Aerospaced Large T-Bar Pollen Press

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Aerospaced Large T-Bar Pollen Press

This Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Pollen press is manufactured on CNC machines which makes this press an incredibly well machined tool for compressing pollen into a pellet. This could be the last pollen press you will need to buy - just make sure you compress your pollen every hour for a couple of hours and then let it sit overnight to harden.

Each Super Pollen Press w/ T-Handle is composed of the following parts:

  • 1 x CNC machined aluminum T-Handle.
  • 1 x CNC machined aluminum insert.
  • 2 x CNC machined aluminum end caps.
  • 1 x Gift/Storage Box.


  1. Unlike other "T" handle presses, this item features an aluminum insert that fits in the bottom so that no product will stick to the end cap.
  2. Finer and better threads. The use of CNC machines makes the threads on the barrel and caps more finely machined so that you can vary the compression on the pellet with more accuracy.
  3. This item is 4 3/4 inches in length (fully compressed) and 7 3/4" in length (fully extended). The barrel is 1 3/8 inchs in diameter (outside) and 15/16 inches in diameter (inside). The unit weighs weighs 10.4 ounces. You can compress a kake up to 3" long if you want!
  4. Simply unscrew the bottom end cap, place pollen into the unit, and screw the "T" handle until the kake is the proper compression. When ready, unscrew the bottom and top end caps and push out the pellet.


Press Dimensions:

  • Length (fully compressed): 121mm 
  • Length (fully extended): 197mm
  • Internal Diameter: 33mm
  • External Diameter: 35mm
  • Weight: 113g

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