DISCONTINUED Oil Slick 32mm Slick Ball Minis w/ Acrylic Jar
DISCONTINUED Oil Slick 32mm Slick Ball Minis w/ Acrylic Jar

Oil Slick 32mm Slick Ball Minis w/ Acrylic Jar

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Need a tool to help you concentrate?

The Slick Ball Mini concentrate container is made from Platinum cured, medical grade silicone and will store even the stickiest extracts mess free. Absolutely nothing will stick to the Slick Ball's surface, so extracts adhere to your dabber and not the dish. A simple squeeze and release is all you need to snap the container away from the concentrate within.


  • Flexible material makes dabbing crumbly waxes and water extracts easy. Dry or stable extracts will stick to your tools and not the container.
  • Comes with an airtight, shatter-proof acrylic case for travel that seals with a Platinum cured silicone gasket to keep liquids and odours safely contained. Holds all 4 Slick Ball Minis.

Oil Slick uses platinum silicone rather than peroxide silicone because they believe that Food Grade is not pure enough for the specialized uses of the concentrate market. Unlike companies that work for the food-service industry, Oil Slick believes that even the smallest amount of these residues is not acceptable for use with concentrate products.

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