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    Cloud EVO Vaporizer
    Cloud EVO Vaporizer
    Cloud EVO Vaporizer full view
    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Vapour Quality: 98 %

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    About the VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    California dreaming with the latest desktop vaporization technology. 

    The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a reimagined version of its famous predecessor, bringing a suite of exciting new features to the table. Upgrades like the high grade stainless steel bowl and all-glass vapour path maximise flavour, with lightweight Zytel housing to reduce weight without compromising heat resistance. The patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™ takes users to cloud nine with glass 'bamboo' that allows heat to flow through the vape, creating powerful convection heating. Inhale through the graphite helio mouthpiece or upgrade to a handblown, artisanal HydraTube™ crafted in California. 

  • Powerful convection heating
  • Patented Improved PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™
  • Lightweight Zytel exterior
  • All-glass vapour path with high grade stainless steel bowl
  • Optional HydraTube™ Delivery System (sold separately)
  • Backwards compatible with all Cloud accessories

    Patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™

    Building on the success of its predecessor, the Cloud EVO uses patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™ to propel hot air through a series of slim glass pillars resembling bamboo. The innovative convection heating technology automatically adjusts to match your inhalation rate, delivering smooth, consistent cloud. PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™ also ramps up efficiency, maximising potency with even the smallest amounts of flower. 

    Add a handcrafted, artisanal glass HydraTube™

    While the graphite helio mouthpiece is a treat, connoisseurs shouldn't miss the opportunity to add a handcrafted, artisanal glass HydraTube™ to the Cloud EVO arsenal. Handcrafted in California, the tubes safeguard the integrity of vapour as it flows to the mouthpiece. All glass components are blown by hand and sculpted with high-grade borosilicate glass. 

    Thick, full-bodied vapour 

    The VapeXhale Cloud EVO uses state-of-the-art desktop vaporization technology to deliver thick, full-bodied vapour every time. Thanks to the convection technology your flower never comes into direct contact with the heat source, eliminating the risk of combustion and promising full spectrum flavour. The glass mouthpiece ensures that when vapour hits your lips it's cool and tasty. For the ultimate vaping experience, pair the Cloud EVO with a handcrafted glass HydraTube™.

    Fully adjustable temperature control

    VapeXhale Cloud EVO users enjoy fully adjustable temperature control, with a range of 93°C to 260°C. Even at maximum temperature there's zero risk of combustion, making the Cloud EVO a reliable choice for vapers who value taste and aroma. 

    Lightweight Zytel exterior

    While Zytel looks and feels like plastic, the material is actually a glass-resin filled polycarbonate designed to withstand high temperatures. The shell features a sleek and tapered design with plenty of desktop appeal. 

    Improved heat time

    The new PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™ system slashes the Cloud's heat up time to just three minutes, an impressive feat for such a powerful desktop device. 

    Effortless aromatherapy 

    When designing the Cloud EVO, VapeXhale engineers placed a special focus on ease of use. Draw resistance is low, meaning users enjoy thick, swirling clouds with minimal effort. This ensures the Cloud EVO delivers optimum vapour production, regardless of inhalation style or lung power.

    Enjoy a potent hit with concentrates

    Love the potency of concentrates? As well as dry flower, the Cloud EVO is an extremely capable concentrate device. Material sits low in the device, promising a powerful hit as cloud flows through the all-glass vapour path to the borosilicate or quartz tube mouthpiece. 


    Transform the Cloud EVO into a social accessory with stainless steel mesh XHL Baskets and Tubes that can be easily loaded and refilled in a group setting.  

    Compatible with all VapeXhale Cloud accessories 

    The new Cloud EVO is compatible with all VapeXhale Cloud accessories, making it a great upgrade for fans of the popular brand. 

    Cloud EVO Specs:

    • Manufacturer: VapeXhale
    • Made in: California, USA
    • Device Dimensions: 7.5cm Diameter x 16.5cm Height (base only)
    • Materials: Stainless steel, ceramic, glass, Zytel
    • Heating Element: Glass
    • Heating Time: 3 minutes
    • Temperature Range: 95°C - 260°C
    • Temperature Control: Dial 
    • Automatic Shut off: No
    • Warranty:  3 Years

    About VapeXhale

    VapeXhale combines science, technology and exceptional Californian craftsmanship to deliver elevated vaping experiences. The American-owned company has its finger on the pulse of the latest vaping trends, including patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology™ designed to match the unique inhalation rate of the user. The patent-protected technology optimises heat and moisture conditions to deliver cloud that's dense, tasty and pure. VapeXhale has also made waves with its handblown, artisanal HydraTubes™ crafted from high-grade borosilicate glass. The attention to detail is exceptional, making VapeXhale devices a discerning choice for dry herb connoisseurs. Quality is paramount, with VapeXhale engineering high end, medical grade vaporization systems. 

    Cloud EVO - What's in the Box:

    The VapeXhale Cloud EVO Full Kit comes with everything you need to elevate your vaping experience. If you already own some VapeXhale accessories, the Cloud EVO is backwards compatible. There's also the option of next generation accessories, including handblown borosilicate glass HydraTubes™ for a truly artisanal vape. 

    • 1 x VapeXhale Cloud EVO
    • 1 x Graphite Helio Mouthpiece
    • 2 x EZ Load Bowl™
    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x VapeXheat Shield
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

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