Cleaning Guide: The DaVinci

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DaVinci Original Cleaning Guide

Keeping your vaporizer clean will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, and prevent excessive residue build up from affecting the taste of your vapour. Any vaporizer you buy will have maintenance requirements and parts that need to be routinely cleaned or replaced. Luckily, DaVinci vapes are no-fuss machines when it comes to keeping them in tip-top condition.

SAFETY FIRST: Only clean your DaVinci when it is turned off, completely cooled down and disconnected from the charger. Burnt fingers, melted brushes and electrical surges are never a fun time.

What You’ll Need:

Cleaning The Herb Chamber

Cleaning the herb chamber DaVinci

If you use the included brush to sweep out debris every time you use your DaVinci, you shouldn’t have to clean the chamber too often. You can use the brush regularly to loosen stubborn particles from the surface of your heating chamber and then turn the machine on its side and tap it gently to dislodge them. Compressed air can also be super effective at blowing any small, hidden particles out of nooks and crannies in your vaporizer.

However, from time to time you will need to clean residue from your chamber’s surface to keep your machine running efficiently and producing tasty vapour. Residue can be scraped from the sides of the chamber using the stem end of your cleaning brush or a scraping tool, or wiped out with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

You will notice that your heating chamber contains a screen at the bottom, which will need to be gently removed if you want to get right to the base of the chamber. This can be carefully lifted out using a needle.

You shouldn’t have to clean the outside surfaces of your DaVinci very often at all, but should the need arise, simply wiping it with a damp cloth or a mild cleanser should do the trick. DON’T use alcohol on the outside surfaces of your DaVinci, as you can discolour and damage the material.


Cleaning DaVinci screens

Your Da Vinci has three screens in total, which will need to be cleaned. There’s the one inside your herb chamber and the other two located in the air pathway between the main heating chamber and the flexi straw. Removing these two screens is fairly straightforward. Simply unscrew the cap on the metal cylinder above the chamber on the inside of the unit. This contains the first screen inside, and the other can be pushed out from the top. Both these screens will need to be cleaned regularly, since they are located close to the mouthpiece and will affect the flavour of your vapour the most.

Once you have all screens removed safely, cleaning them is extremely easy. Simply soak them in a gentle cleanser or isopropyl alcohol and then use the cleaning brush to scrub off any remaining debris.

Flexi Straws

When your Da Vinci is in use, the bulk of the vapour is filtered through the screens before it reaches the flexi straw so they shouldn’t accumulate too much build up. However, once again regular cleaning is recommended to keep your vapour path as clean and tasty as possible for a nice and easy draw.

You can look through the straw to check for any visible build up and clean using hot water and a pipe cleaner to scrub the inner plastic tube. Do NOT use alcohol to clean your flexi straw. Repeated exposure to alcohol will eventually soften and damage the plastic inside.

Note: It is important to let ALL components dry completely before you re-assemble your Da Vinci. Never operate your vaporizer with a wet part!

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