Is the DaVinci IQ Really Worth Your Money?

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Since it’s launch back in 2016, DaVinci took the vaping community by storm with the launch of the DaVinci IQ. With the IQ, DaVinci pushed the capabilities of your traditional conduction device and created something that could hold its own even among expensive portable convection hybrids. But is the DaVinci IQ really worth its price tag?


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High quality materials

A vape is only as good as the sum of its parts, and you really want those parts to be made from good material that can hold up to high heat from your oven, as well as the general rough and tumble that comes with taking a portable device around.

Much of the DaVinci IQ is constructed out of ceramic zirconia, such as the vapor path, mouthpieces, oven, and adjustable oven pearl. Ceramic zirconia is a highly durable material, and is the strongest of all fine ceramics, which makes for a highly durable vaporiser that will stand the test of time. The strength of zirconia also means that it won’t crack under high heat, so it’s ideal for use in the 360-degree conduction oven which is required to produce nice consistent vapour from your herb.

One thing about the DaVinci IQ is that the interior construction is a little more complex than a lot of other conduction vaporizers. This device features interchangeable mouthpieces (flat or protruding) to fit your tastes, as well as a built in ‘flavour chamber’ which allows you to load your vape with other herb  as well as the dry herb in your oven. The heat coming from your oven activates the aroma of the herb in your flavour chamber when you inhale. This feature is also great for anyone looking to keep their public vaping on the DL, for masking the smell of your herbal. It’s these fine details that really set the DaVinci IQ apart from the competition in the market for conduction vaporizers.


The Da Vinci IQ vaporizer

Smart Path technology 

One of the most thoughtful features of the DaVinci IQ that distinguishes it from other conduction vaporizers in the same league is the Smart Paths feature. With Smart Paths, DaVinci have engineered four pre-set temperature settings which start at a predetermined temperature setting over 100ºC, and then slowly increase in heat over a space of 10 minutes. These settings are customizable, but at their default setting Smart Paths 1 begins at 120ºC, for that nice low and slow experience to get the full taste out of your herb, all the way to Smart Paths 4 which ends at 220ºC to get the best performance out of your dry herb. The handy ten-minute timing also works out as a perfect little session.

Add-on smartphone app 

Add-on smartphone apps have become a super-innovative way to amplify the performance of smaller vaporizers. With the app, you can turn your device on and off, customize your Smart Paths settings, and you have full control your heat settings down to single degree increments.

If you really want thoughtful engineering with high quality materials designed to cater to every user’s taste – give the DaVinci IQ a try (you’ll always have the 10-year guaranteed warranty to fall back on in the unlikely event something goes wrong).