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The complete guide to cleaning your mighty vaporizer

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Cleaning your vaporizer is not the most exciting task and it is one that most people will put off for as long as possible. The regularity with which you clean your vaporizer is a personal choice, but cleaning as often as possible will increase the lifespan of the device and keep it in peak working condition for many years to come. If you have spent your hard earned money on one of the top of the range devices like the Mighty, you need to learn how to clean it as best you can to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Maintaining your Mighty Vaporizer

How often you need to clean your vaporizer will depend greatly on how often you use the device. The producers of Mighty, Storz & Bickel, recommend that you clean your device at least once per week. There are some people who like to wipe down the inside of the device with a cotton bud after each use while others wait for a longer time and complete a deep clean every once in a while. If you feel that the airflow of your device is becoming restricted and you have some harsh draw resistance, you need to deep clean your vaporizer.

If you are going to be cleaning your Mighty vaporizer for the first time, or the first time in a while, you need to know what you should be doing. There are a number of steps that you need to take to ensure that your Mighty vaporizer is in peak condition after a deep clean.

The right cleaning tools

The first step will be to get the right tools to clean your vaporizer.

You will need:

  • - a cotton bud
  • - a glass jar or cup that is deep enough for the cooling units 
  • - some good quality isopropyl alcohol

You should also look at separating the different parts of the cooling unit which will be easier to do when the device is still warm. This means that you need to pre-heat the device at a low temperature and then disassemble it.

Take the vaporizer apart

Step 1: You will now have to use the tools that are provided with the Mighty vaporizer to take all of the removable parts off. You will need to remove the cooling unit which is on the top of the vaporizer. This is done by unscrewing it until it loosens.

Removing Mighty mouthpiece

Step 2: You will then have to remove the mouthpiece by rotating it from side to side. The mouthpiece will become loose and you can then pop it off and remove the blue seal ring which is around it.

Mighty vaporizer cleaning guide

Step 3: You should then unlock the cap lock and remove it. This can be done by pushing it to one side and pulling up on the other side.

Mighty vaporizer cooling unit

Step 4: The top of the cooling unit will then have to be separated from the base. This will expose 2 blue seal rings.

Removing o-rings Mighty

Step 5: You will then have to use the filling chamber tool to remove the rings and pop out the chamber screen.

Mighty Vaporizer cleaning process

Replacing o-rings mighty vaporizer

Step 6: The lower screen within the filling chamber will also need to be removed and you can use the filling chamber tool to do this. You will need to poke down on the screen and create dents until it pops from the sides of the chamber. Turning the device upside down will allow the screen to fall out.

removinf screen for cleaning mighty vape

Soak The Parts

You will now have to soak the removable parts in the isopropyl alcohol. The only part that you do not soak is the cap lock (the part with the Mighty logo on it) and the seal rings. The other parts will need to be soaked for around 30 minutes to remove dry herb debris, but you should never soak them for longer than an hour.

Soaking Mighty parts in cleaning solution

While the parts of soaking, you should use the cotton bud which has been soaked in some isopropyl alcohol to clean the filling chamber. You should not over-soak the bud as you do not want the liquid to drip into the device and damage any of the heating elements. The easiest way to clean the chamber is by holding the Mighty upside down. This way you avoid any excess alcohol running into the device and potentially damaging it.

cleaning the mighty heating chamber

Reassemble & Burn off

Take this opportunity to place a new screen into the filling chamber. To secure it, you will have to press down with the filling tool. All of the other parts will need to be removed from their soak and rinsed with warm water. You should then dry them thoroughly before you reassemble your device which will be ready for use and feel brand spanking new.

Before you use your clean Mighty again, make sure that you run a few burn off cycles, to make sure you get rid of any excess alcohol remaining in the vape and on the parts. Simply set the Mighty to max temperature and let it run through a couple of max heating cycles until you do not smell any more alcohol. After this your Mighty is ready to go!

Mighty Cleaning Guide Video

Check out our complete cleaning guide video for the Mighty vaporizers. This video is easy to follow and will have your favourite vaporizer running as good as new in no time!