Grinding basics: Why this step is essential to vaping

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If you want to get the best possible experience from your vaporiser, you need a grinder. This is a fact every herb lover will attest to.

Grinders are essential for those who use vaporisers. Why? Because when you buy herb, it needs to be ground before consuming. Grinders also save you a lot of money in the long run by maximising your herb. 

The grinder will grind or crush the herb into small fine pieces, which are ideal for heating. Ground herb has more surface area, allowing for an even heat distribution. This removes the chances of hot and cold spots -- meaning areas where the herb is heated too much or not enough -- providing you with the best vaping experience possible.

Grinders for Vaporizers

Depending on the vaporiser you use, grind consistency can have a big impact on vape production. To get big vapour clouds, you need to ensure you grind your herb into fine pieces, and pack your vape's chamber nice and tight.

Grinder basics

Grinders use ‘teeth’ to grind or crush your herb into smaller, more usable pieces. The herb then falls through the holes to the next chamber. Some grinders have more chambers than others. Good grinders have a chamber with a sieve so the finer parts of the dry herbs are “sieved” out and land in the bottom. 

TIP: Grind your herb upside down first, then turn your grind back to its correct position and grind again. This makes for an even finer breakdown of the herb.

TIP: For tastier vapor and bigger clouds, ensure your dry herb really is dry. Moisture will distort the vaping and lead to a harsher vaping experience.

PAX 3 and grinder

Types of Grinders

Like us, grinders come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There is a grinder to suit every budget. Rest assured that no matter what grinder you pick, it will grind the herb for you. However, some grinders will grind and produce finer material than other grinders.

Australian Vaporizers have such a wide variety to choose from that you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit. Nonetheless, sometimes you just need a matchmaker to get the one that is right for you. We have gone through all the grinders available and pulled out the three most popular products.


SLX V 2 Ceramic coated herb grinder - 62mm

SLX Grinder

Engineered using aerospace titanium shell, this is your grinder for life.
Covered in a non-stick ceramic coating (even on the treads) means no more herb sticking to your grinder. That's right, no more cleaning! The scraper provided is ideal to scoop the finer material together - clearly made with the ‘herb lover’ in mind. This grinder is as close to perfection as you can get.

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Space Case Large Titanium Grinder 88m - 4pc

Space Case Grinder

You won't run out of finely diced herb with this monster of a grinder. Carved from solid aircraft grade aluminium with a magnetic lid, this grinder uses interlocking, diamond-cut teeth to crush your herb incredibly fine. It's a 4-piece design with the best sifting screens you will find on the market. For extra convenience, the final chamber collects those finer materials and comes with a scoop for collecting it all at once. 

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New Vape 76mm 2pc - Fine Herb Grinder

New Vape Grinder

This grinder finely grinds your help while remaining discreet.  With only two pieces connected, it fits perfectly into your hand and pocket and provides your herb with a fine, fluffy texture. Made from medical grade aluminium with a smooth anodized finish, this grinder is incredibly strong and durable. 

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