DISCONTINUED VapirRise Balloon Valve
DISCONTINUED VapirRise Balloon Valve
DISCONTINUED VapirRise Balloon Valve

VapirRise Balloon Valve

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The VapirRise can be used with a whip or to inflate bags, which incorporate an intuitive on/off valve so you can close off the bag while it's not in use. The valve ensures that no vapour can escape from the balloon while you're not inhaling, and also enables users to put the bag down between draws, as you won't have to hold your finger over the mouthpiece.

This Balloon Valve is a replacement for the one originally included with your vaporizer. Only compatible with the VapirRise.


How to assemble a VapirRise balloon:

  • Remove the blue O-Ring from the Balloon Valve
  • Place the blue O-Ring around the open end of the VapirRise balloon and roll it up at least 1 inch, leaving plenty of balloon material at the opening
  • Insert the Balloon Valve into the open end of the balloon and roll the O-Ring into the groove where it should sit
  • Fold the excess balloon material back over the O-Ring
  • Once the balloon has been secured with the O-Ring and the excess material rolled back, squeeze the Balloon Clamp around this excess material to seal the balloon to the valve and prevent vapour loss.
  • Secure the Balloon Valve to the heating chamber by twisting it counter-clockwise
  • Switch the Balloon Valve to the On position and turn on the fan to begin inflating the balloon with vapour



1 x VapirRise Balloon Valve


**For older versions of the VapirRise only. Not compatible with the VapirRise V2.

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