Air pathways and mouthpieces: Plastic or glass?

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When you’re trying to decide on a new vaporiser there can be a lot of factors involved. One debate that pops up more often than most is plastic or glass. When it comes to the vape mouthpiece, glass is a bit more favourable for most people, but this blog will help you decide for yourself.

Plastic versus glass

The main problem with recommending a  mouthpiece made from plastic is the issue of overheating. Granted, a lot of mouthpieces don’t come into contact with the heating element itself, but there is a danger that if heated to a high temperature things could get tricky. This is the point at which the plastic can begin to melt and allow foul-tasting and toxic vapour to mix into your regular vape session. This is what no one wants.

Of course, there are vaporizers such as the Crafty+ and Mighty, but these also have cooling units which bring the temperature of the vapuor down significantly, before reaching the mouthpiece. Meaning there’s no danger of getting toxic or bad tasting vapour in the airflow. The vapour path is also extended on the Mighty, which gives it even more time to cool. 

Added to that a glass vaporiser mouthpiece is much easier to clean and keep in order. Over time there can be a build up of residue of vapour from previous sessions, and this can in the long term negatively your vape sessions. Glass mouthpieces can very easily be cleaned and soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Avoid no-name vapes and imitation stock, you’re only asking for trouble for yourself in the long run by saving money now. 

However, good quality plastic mouthpieces can also have some advantages. For example, plastic is a lot more robust and glass can easily break or crack.

Boundless Plastic mouthpiece

Not all plastic is created equal

While many vaporizers, especially from the bigger manufacturers, are top of the line and super safe to use (food grade standard) there are always low quality vaporizers that slip through the cracks. It’s the same with anything these days but occasionally you can just get an inferior product. If you are buying a vape with a plastic mouthpiece make sure that it’s “medical grade” or “food grade” plastic as this is a much more durable form of plastic. Also they are far less likely to ‘leak’ unfavourable odours into your vapour.