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Portable vs desktop vaporizers

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3 questions to ask yourself before buying your new vaporizer

If, like most people, you’re incredibly indecisive when it comes to making lowkey luxurious purchases for yourself (Like phones, laptops, vapes or even just a new pair of “nice shoes”), making a simple choice between different models can leave you riddled with anxiety and gripping mental torment. You lie awake at night with a million questions running through your mind - “But is it worth the price? Do I really need this? Is the more expensive one better or am I just falling into a capitalist trap? Guess I better ignore sleep and read seven thousand reviews just to be sure”.

While we can’t help you choose between an android or IOS, we have come up with the three simplest questions you need to ask yourself before splurging on a new vape, to keep the buyers guilt at bay.

buying a new dry herb vape

How much do you want to spend?

One of the most obvious differences you’ll see between desktop and portable vaporizers is the considerable change in price. While portable models also require intelligent engineering to condense all that vaping technology into a handheld package, desktop models have to be built to last – with many Volcano owners using their devices for up to a decade (and even more). Desktop models have to stand the test of time and stack up against whatever new technology comes out along the way – so they need to be top of the range, which tends to come with a top of the range price-tag.

While desktop models usually cost at least $200-$1000, portable models can range from anywhere between $80 all the way to $600, which leaves a lot of room for different budgets, so keep this in mind when deciding between the two.

Where will you use it?

If you know that you want a vaporizer you can take with you on the go, then there’s really no point in investing in a desktop model (not just yet, anyway). If you have cash to burn on a Volcano and want a home set up as well as a portable model, go right ahead – but for the average vaper, a portable model is the easiest and most flexible option.

On the other hand, desktop vapes are a great choice for heavier users, and for people who live alone or with other dry herb enthusiasts.

How often will you use it?

If you’re a new vaper, or someone who only uses their vape occasionally, a portable device is more than enough horsepower to see you through nights out on the town with friends and cosy nights in vaping with Netflix. There are plenty of portable and hybrid convection vaporizers available at affordable prices to make sure you’re only downgrading on price, not quality. Most portable models come with rechargable spare batteries to keep on hand when you’re out and about, or are charged via USB like the DaVinci IQ, for easy stealthy charging on the go. There’s even models like the Crafty and the Mighty that offer pass through charging, so you can keep your device plugged in while you use it.

However, if you already have a portable model that you use a lot and you’re looking to expand your collection, maybe it’s time to start thinking about investing in a desktop model for home use. Investing in a desktop model for home use also means that you can give your portable device a break, which in turn will prolong its lifespan and battery capacity. Desktop vapes produce the best vapor and are excellent for catering to larger groups (or just larger appetites) without the annoyance of having to keep extra fully charged batteries on hand all the time to keep the party going.