How to extend your vape's battery life

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vaporizer battery life

Portable vaporizers come with a range of different-sized batteries, can vary widely in per-use battery life, and also in the rate at which their batteries degrade over time.

It is very difficult to give an exact estimate of how long any given vaporiser’s battery will last. Most battery life estimates are measured based on a single temperature setting (usually a lower temperature) used consistently until the battery runs out.This means that if you use your vaporizer at high temperatures, frequently switch between temperature settings, or constantly turn your vaporiser on and off, you will most likely experience a shorter battery life than stated in the user manual.

For example, the Mighty by Storz & Bickel has a stated battery life of 2 hours continuous use, if you were to use it at 200°C continuously without turning the device on and off. Therefore, if you use it in any other way, it is normal to see a variation in battery life per charge.

What factors affect my vape's battery life?

Battery life is affected by a wide range of different factors, including:

  • Temperature setting
  • Draw strength/speed
  • The frequency that you draw from the vaporizer (e.g. waiting a long time between draws vs. taking lots of draws close together)
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Frequency of use
  • Age – old batteries that have not been used/charged in a while may not work as expected the next time you use them

Most portable vaporizers use Lithium-Ion batteries because they are powerful, rechargeable and designed for daily use. However, it is completely normal for Lithium batteries to degrade over time, and as such they are often only covered by a limited warranty period.

They also do not have a memory and don’t require full charge cycles to preserve their function (this is a myth) so it is recommended to always use your vaporizer fully charged when possible, and also to charge the battery before it is completely dead. The biggest threat to a li-ion battery is heat, so limiting the amount of stress placed on the battery during use/charging will preserve its life and prevent overheating.

Tips for extending the life of your battery:

  • Store your vaporiser and any spare batteries in a cool place away from moisture
  • Use your vaporiser fully-charged when possible, and charge the battery before it runs completely flat
  • Use your vaporiser regularly. The more regularly a battery performs, the easier it is for power to flow through its cells.
  • Avoid overcharging (charge your vaporizer only as long as is required to achieve a full battery)

If you have had your vaporiser for a while and are beginning to notice the battery life is not what it used to be, your battery has probably degraded with use/age and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, many portable vaporizers on the market today have user replaceable batteries that you can purchase and install yourself. If the unit doesn’t have replaceable batteries and is still under warranty period, you may be eligible for a replacement, depending on individual manufacturer’s warranty terms.

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